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Introducing: Abhijit Verekar

Abhijit Verekar, AV for short, is the President and CEO of Avèro Advisors. Abhijit grew up in India and completed his primary schooling at a Catholic school there. Then, he came to the states for grad school. Abhijit has an MBA in Accounting, a Master’s in Finance, and a Project Management Professional certification. He put in lots of hard work over the years to prepare himself for a professional career.

Abhijit has been in government consulting for about 15 years. It all started when he found an internship in grad school. He saw that there was a need in the government sector for new technology.

“There was more of a need for the decision makers…and helping them understand how to apply technology to business processes.”

Abhijit has always been intrigued with technology even though his primary degrees are business related. At age 18, he started his own web design company. It unfortunately didn’t make it too far because not many had computers in his hometown. However, that business venture started him on the path to his current company. He combined his expertise and his love for technology to create his company.

Abhijit Verekar
Abhijit Verekar

About Avèro

In 2016, Abhijit started Avèro. He was a one-man team when the company started but has grown to 25 employees. Avèro is a company that helps develop technology strategy for local governments. Many institutions are stuck in the old age of technology, so Avéro’s goal is to help them transition into a modernized system that benefits them and their clients.

“We help them transition from the 1970’s to the 2000’s. A lot of it involves process redesign…We help clients modernize their organizations. ”

Their main focus is local governments: cities, counties, and even states to some extent. Some of their biggest projects include Blount County and Knox County. They were instrumental in bringing the clients into a modern era of technology so they could better serve people. Blount County is one of the most technologically advanced governments in East Tennessee thanks to Avèro.

Setting Goals

Abhijit hopes to keep growing the company in the near future. He hopes to be able to serve more clients and build better brand recognition. As a startup, it’s sometimes hard to get traction in terms of being recognized. Abhijit hopes with time and an increase in clients that Avèro will stand out and clients will know who they are.

It helps that Abhijit loves his job. He says the best part of it is meeting people and helping clients and their organizations thrive through Avèro’s services.

Abhijit Verekar
Abhijit Verekar

The Photoshoot with Not Your Office Headshot

“What really stood out was the pre-headshot interview I had with Saray [Taylor-Roman]. It was really interesting to have that approach.”

“It was nice to see the different formats of headshots…That got me thinking about not just the headshots but ‘How do people perceive a brand?’ and ‘How does this headshot fit into the global picture?’”

His favorite part of the experience was the photoshoot itself. He says Saray and her assistants were “friendly, humorous, and accommodating.” Abhijit says he felt like himself and felt confident.

Abhijit Verekar
Abhijit Verekar